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Industry News | Congratulations on the grand establishment of DuPont Hardware Wuhan Operations Center


On the afternoon of April 12, 2024, the DuPont Hardware UC Hinge New Product Launch and DuPont Hardware Wuhan Operations Center Establishment Celebration were grandly held at the Jinuo Hotel in Wuhan.

Attending the celebration were Lin Shaowu, CEO and DuPont Hardware Partner of Guangdong Roeasy Technology Co., Ltd., Tony Chan, Operations Director of DuPont Hardware China, General Manager and DuPont Hardware Partner of Platinum Rong Hardware (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., Lin Feng, General Manager of Guangzhou Meking Hardware Lock Co., Ltd., Wang Yihua, General Manager of Yuelong Hardware, DuPont Hardware Wuhan Operations Center, and more than 30 industry leaders in the custom home and hardware industry.

Firstly, Tony Chan, the Operations Director of DuPont Hardware China, gave a brief introduction to the DuPont brand's history spanning three centuries. He also provided a detailed introduction to DuPont Hardware's basic hardware and functional hardware "Seven Sharp Knives" products, with a focus on recommending the 2024 heavyweight product - UC Hinge, as one of the top technology products in the industry, UC hinges are top-notch products carefully crafted by DuPont Hardware after long-term research and market research. It adopts industry-leading technologies such as three-stage force, small angle buffering, and 35 cup universal thick and thin doors, making the UC hinge have extremely high performance and quality.

▲Tony Chan, Operations Director of DuPont Hardware China

Subsequently, Lin Shaowu, CEO of Guangdong Roeasy Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the new model of "DuPont Hardware High Definition and Optimal Configuration" industry, which brings together top domestic and foreign brands and one-stop hardware matching. One piece delivery is the advantage of DuPont's highly optimized configuration platform. With the aim of "light assets and zero inventory, doing five gold business", DuPont Hardware will establish eight central warehouses nationwide in 2024, achieving a 48 hour delivery time of 500 kilometers, helping the high definition industry solve hardware problems, and promoting industry development. After the landing of the Wuhan warehouse, it will provide one-stop supporting services for Hubei whole house customization enterprises, including basic hardware, kitchen baskets, wardrobe storage, smart homes, smart lighting, etc., empowering whole house customization enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency!

▲ Mr. Lin Shaowu, CEO of Roeasy Company

Finally, witnessed by numerous guests and industry elites, DuPont Hardware's China headquarters presented a plaque to Wang Yihua, the general manager of Yuelong Hardware and the person in charge of DuPont Hardware's Wuhan Operations Center. Subsequently, Wang Yihua delivered a passionate and heartfelt speech, stating that encountering DuPont Hardware gave him the opportunity for his career to take off again. He believes that with his efforts, DuPont Hardware's Wuhan Operations Center will definitely strive to new heights and create a better future together.


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