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2024 Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition News | No UC, No Rival. DuPont UC Hinge was Launched - "35 Cups · Thick and Thin Doors · Three Way Close · Small Angle Buffering"


——"35 cups, thick and thin doors, three-stage force, small angle buffering"

DuPont ™ Hardware 2024 heavyweight new - UC hinge, this is an environmentally friendly hinge with complete functions, excellent performance, and high quality to price ratio. It is a heavyweight single item in Gaoding hardware, helping Gaoding home brands enter a new track and reach the peak in competition. If UC doesn't emerge, who can compete!
While pursuing aesthetic design, UC hinges focus more on improving tone and grade. As one of the top technology products in the industry, UC hinges present a brand new visual experience and technological sense. It adopts leading industry technologies such as three-stage force, small angle buffering, and 35 cup universal thick and thin door technology, making UC hinges highly efficient in performance and quality. On the basis of achieving basic usage functions, cabinet door collisions are reduced, the service life is longer, and combined noise reduction, silent and smooth functions are achieved.

    UC HINGE    


UC hinge, TOP industry performance

3D Adjustment

35MM cup head, universal for 16-25MM door panels

Three Way Soft Closing

Damping large oil cylinder, quiet and silent opening and closing

Patent tail buckle

Extra large adjustment, 8MM ultra long adjustment

Wear resistant nylon

All styles available

     Two Way/Three Way/Straight Hinge/3D Model     

Zinc White/Gun Black/Anti Brass/Anti Copper/ALICO

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