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The 2024 Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition officially closed, and DuPont Hardware came to an end with honors!


On May 17th, the highly anticipated 28th Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition successfully concluded at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

This four-day home furnishing industry event has gathered global attention. Becoming the focus of industry attention. In this grand event, DuPont Hardware,

with its outstanding brand strength and innovative research and development capabilities,

made a stunning appearance with its latest product UC hinge and a new investment franchise model, becoming a beautiful scenery.

The DuPont Hardware exhibition hall adopts a minimalist integrated design principle, making the overall space visually harmonious and unified.

The dark gray space design in the overall layout allows each product area element to promote each other,

highlighting the division of product sections while creating a grand and advanced artistic atmosphere.

The DuPont Hardware Exhibition Hall has set up a cloakroom scenario area for this exhibition.

Users can intuitively experience the functions and usage methods of cloakroom products, allowing them to experience the production process of products from zero distance on site,

immerse themselves in cloakroom products, and intuitively feel the appearance of an ideal home.

Basic Hardware Exhibition Area

In the basic hardware exhibition area, DuPont Hardware has carried out an integrated overall design,showcasing the basic hardware products in a unified manner.

Users can enjoy DuPont Hardware's basic hardware products,including hinges, guide rails, rebounders, cabinet door supports, horse riding drawers, smart locks, and more.

At the same time, a product placement experience area is set up, from visual to sensory, with a three-dimensional design to intuitively feel the functional characteristics of the products.

DuPont Hardware molds quality with craftsmanship, leads the future with innovation, and showcases the charm and style of DuPont Hardware to the world with strength and quality.

Of course, in addition to the basic hardware products and cloakroom series,DuPont Hardware also presents intelligent hardware products to users through a design that integrates display and experience.

The on-site special design includes a kitchen scene area+product display, intelligent lifting cabinets,

intelligent power rails+kitchen utensil storage racks and other products, attracting a large number of visitors to stop and experience.

The three-dimensional presentation 1:1 restores the integration of product and indoor scene design.

DuPont Hardware has won unanimous praise from attendees for its outstanding performance at this exhibition.

The strong strength and unique charm exhibited by DuPont Hardware at this exhibition not only demonstrate the strong strength of the brand,

but also inject new vitality and hope into the future of the home hardware industry.

The surge of people in the DuPont Hardware exhibition area also proves that DuPont Hardware's products not only have excellent functions,

but also have excellent appearance. Behind every popular product, there is strong technical support.

It is precisely these technological "hardcore" forces that have caused DuPont Hardware to stir up waves of enthusiasm in the home hardware market.

01 High end customization optimization configuration selection DuPont

「Sincerely recruiting distributors and franchisees」

Joining DuPont Hardware for a win-win future is not the end, but a new beginning.

With light assets, zero inventory, and a focus on hardware business, we sincerely invite distributors and franchisees to join DuPont Hardware.

For partners who join DuPont Hardware, DuPont Hardware will provide full category authorization letters,

strong advertising and promotional support, display and demonstration resource support,

as well as periodic merchant training, to enhance sales and business capabilities and ensure that every distributor and letter of intent have no worries.

The best opportunity has arrived, and together with DuPont Hardware, we are leading the new trend in the hardware industry and opening up a vast market.

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