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Today's Recommendation | DuPont Hardware Wardrobe Storage Series - Rotating Series

2024-05-11 18:25:07
Today's Recommendation | DuPont Hardware Wardrobe Storage Series - Rotating Series

In the scorching summer, the heat has not dissipated. We always buy a lot of clothes in the summer, but when we buy clothes, there must be a place to store them. In addition to having a place to store them, the design of our wardrobe also needs to be beautiful.
Today, we will recommend a super practical wardrobe storage series product to everyone, and take you to see how to improve our space utilization.

Cleverly utilizing corners
Improve space utilization
How to make better use of corners has always been a headache for many people in decoration. In addition to making good use of them, it is also necessary to design them to be aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, installing such a wardrobe series storage product in a corner cabinet is convenient for storage. We can rotate to pick up items and choose the appropriate style to install according to needs.
Each layer of plant tray can be rotated separately, even items placed in the corner of the cabinet can be retrieved by rotating the storage tray.
The top mounted pants rack in the rotating series is designed with anti slip flocking strips wrapped around the hanging rods of the pants rack. The anti slip flocking strip design allows our pants to effectively prevent wrinkles and prevent them from falling off when suspended.
In addition, there is no need to worry about the noise caused by rotation. In terms of design, DuPont Hardware has adopted a dual bearing configuration for the rotation series products according to user needs. In addition to smoother 360 ° rotation, it can also make the rotation more gentle, providing users with a better experience.
From the user's perspective
Excellent user experience
DuPont Hardware takes the user's perspective and provides thoughtful consideration. Based on user needs, we provide comprehensive care for your clothing, making it worry free and easy to store. Neat storage makes the home more comfortable.

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