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Today's Recommendation | DuPont Hardware Wardrobe Storage Series - Oval Series

2024-05-18 17:57:21
Today's Recommendation | DuPont Hardware Wardrobe Storage Series - Oval Series

Autumn and winter clothes have a large volume and are not aesthetically pleasing to throw on the bed or chair. They are also densely packed and take up space when placed in the wardrobe, making them even more inconvenient to retrieve. Moreover, if clothes are not classified and placed in the wardrobe, they need to be worn one by one, which is too troublesome!

Buy another cabinet? Buy another hanger? No! These are all too troublesome!
In fact, effective utilization of space is the key. Below, we will introduce useful clothing storage hardware products for you to choose from and purchase.

Hanging multiple pairs of trousers neatly and conveniently, while avoiding damage caused by frequent ironing; Hanging pants on a wardrobe hanger can ensure that the pants are fully stretched and keep them flat and beautiful. The installation of the wardrobe pants rack is located in the middle of the wardrobe, fully utilizing the space of the wardrobe and avoiding resource waste. The wardrobe pants rack can divide the interior of the wardrobe into various spaces for placing items, meeting people's personalized needs and reflecting the meticulous care that the overall wardrobe pants rack brings to people!

Neat tie storage, no longer worried about not finding ties in the wardrobe.


The originally narrow space can also be used to install a highly practical shoe cabinet for storing our shoes. When needed, you can pull out the shoe cabinet to quickly find your favorite shoes.

Each product's pull-out adopts high-quality damping guide rails, which are smooth and stable. When closed, they also have a cushioning effect when reaching the position, making it quiet and smooth.

The easiest and fastest way to store suit pants is to hang them up.
There are many hangers on the market, but from a storage perspective, a combination of beautiful design and practicality is the better choice.
And this side mounted single row pants rack meets these needs, using a flocked strip design, beautiful appearance, and anti slip function to prevent clothing deformation and wrinkles.

In addition to storing clothes, our wardrobe also needs to provide storage space for our decorations. We can place leather storage boxes in the wardrobe to neatly store various decorations or ties in the boxes. When we need decorations, there is no need to search, and we can see the decorations we want at a glance.

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