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DuPont side mounted three section rail

2024-04-26 18:31:32
DuPont side mounted three section rail

Drawers, as the kidneys of modern homes, have always been the focus of widespread attention. Can those drawers of all sizes be freely and smoothly pushed and pulled, and how can they bear weight, relying entirely on the support of three rails. Choosing a good three section guide rail can make your drawer smoother, smoother, and quieter. On the contrary, if the quality of the drawer guide rail is poor, it will cause the drawer to frequently jam and produce noise, which will make people feel irritable and reduce the comfort of living at home.

And the DuPont side mounted three section rail can provide you with protection and solve your troubles.

◀◀◀DuPont side mounted three section rail▶▶▶

▲ Without buffering style

▲ Rebound drawer slide

▲ Buffering style

There are three styles to choose from, and the black appearance makes the guide rail look more high-end and atmospheric. No buffer, buffer, or rebound options are available.

The double row solid steel ball design is truly visible, and the solid steel ball design allows the guide rail to slide smoothly and stably during the pulling process.

The detachable design allows for easy and effortless disassembly by lightly pressing the disassembly bar with your fingers.

Three fold draawer slide are fully pulled out, making more effective use of drawer space.

The DuPont brand logo, American DuPont trademark, quality assurance, and clear visibility are printed on the guide rail.

The rebound style side mounted guide rail is equipped with a silent rebound device, which can automatically pop up with just a gentle press, making it more silent. Keep you away from the troubles caused by noise.

The buffer type guide rail is equipped with a damping buffer, with a black guide rail appearance and a red buffer. The combination of the two colors is very coordinated and beautiful. The material of the buffer is also made of ABS plastic material, cleverly designed to allow the guide rail to cushion and close at a constant speed when closed, reducing noise and providing you with a comfortable home environment.

Non damping version, with a positioning rubber pad design at the tail to prevent drawer switch collisions, eliminating noise and trouble for you.

Multi hole positioning, located through multiple screw holes, makes the guide rail installation more stable, avoids cabinet tilting and loosening, and makes installation more convenient.

The product is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel material and cast, which is durable. During manufacturing, special treatment is also used to improve the hardness and strength of the steel.

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