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Today's Recommendation | DuPont ALICO Hinge

2024-04-19 09:47:06
Today's Recommendation | DuPont ALICO Hinge

As one of the most important accessories in home hardware, hinges are used frequently and also need to have a load-bearing function. Therefore, choosing a good hinge is a very important thing!

◀◀◀DuPont ALICO hinge▶▶▶

DuPont ALICO hinge, a patented tail buckle product. Unique 8 gasket self unloading tail buckle, one piece disassembly is more convenient. In addition, this hinge also has a three-dimensional adjustable base, providing more options and more freedom of installation.

The "core" of the product is designed with a 9.5mm large hydraulic cylinder body, fully sealed with oil pressure buffering, ensuring long-term use without oil leakage, making the hinge opening and closing more quietly, creating a quiet home environment.

The hinge has passed SGS testing and does not rust after 240 hours of salt spray testing, making it more durable and less prone to rusting even in humid environments.

The biggest highlight of this hinge is that the tail buckle is patented, with a unique design that makes the hinge more stable.


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