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Today's recommendation | DuPont ™ LAFA series - intelligent lifting jewelry box

2024-04-11 11:44:23
Today's recommendation | DuPont ™ LAFA series - intelligent lifting jewelry box

For women nowadays, there is not enough space to store many cosmetics or jewelry at home, which should be a headache for many people.

So today we will recommend a product that can solve this problem for everyone!

DuPont ™ LAFA series - Intelligent Lifting Jewelry Box

Core selling points:

    1. Voice call, intelligent lifting for more intimate freedom. Just issue the descent command: "Little K, the hanging cabinet is descending", and issue the ascent command "Little K, the hanging cabinet is ascending". The hanging cabinet will automatically ascend.

    2. One click lifting and easy control. The bottom can also be lifted and lowered with just one click, making it easy to control.

    3. The embedded intelligent shaker ensures that your famous watch never stops. The shaker is mainly used for automatic chaining of high-end mechanical watches, while also preventing dust and dust to maintain the watch.

    4. Scientific storage. Scientifically store daily valuable items, including an intelligent watch shaker, leather accessory storage box, sales pendant area, ring and earring area, and lipstick placement area.

    5. Multiple colors for free selection. 9 colors to choose from: Mocha Brown, Milk Coffee Grey, Fragrant Rice, Red Iron Ochre, Tropical Orange, Warm Smoke Grey, Steel Cable Green, and Fallen Leaf Yellow.

    6. Super fiber leather material is durable for 10 years.

    7. Concealed installation, overall beautiful without taking up space, with a lifting distance of 0-540mm.

    When using, all you need to do is put cosmetics and other items in, lower them when needed, and let them rise when not needed. This way, our countertop becomes clean and tidy

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