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China Chengdu Construction Expo | 220 year old world top 500 brand - DuPont Hardware from the United States has made a strong debut in the Chengdu market

2023-08-25 17:18:40

Extra! Extra! DuPont Hardware, the only global 500 brand with a history of 220 years

DuPont is a global enterprise focused on scientific research, committed to becoming one of the global innovation drivers. Fortune Global 500 companies. For 200 years, DuPont has been synonymous with large-scale industrial technological breakthroughs and consumer innovation that has changed lives.

DuPont's artificial stone Corinne is well-known in the building materials industry, and Oupai and Shangpin are both custom brands and customers of DuPont.

What are the advantages of DuPont Hardware?

12 words can perfectly interpret: world brand/international quality/precise track!

A world brand with a history of 220 years

SGS testing/DuPont PSR/European HoRs

Whole house customized hardware/domestic price

What are DuPont's hardware products?

Basic hardware+functional hardware

Basic hardware: hinge, guide rail, spring release device, horse riding drawer, cabinet door support, and intelligent lock six major product series

Functional Hardware: Pulling Basket, Internal Links, Layered Plate Holders, etc

Our DuPont Hardware has two major twin star products: ALICO process hinges representing technology and TOP technology UC hinges.

ALICO hinge: European and American double standard certification/240 hour neutral salt spray test/the first 24-hour acidic salt spray test in the industry, "cold rolled steel" transformed into "stainless steel", with performance comparable to stainless steel. The cost is only 3/5 of stainless steel, greatly reducing the cost, making it a sharp tool for project public relations.

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