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CBD Fair | [Industry · Ka Shuo] Q Yuan · Material Art - DuPont Hardware: an international material giant spanning three centuries, efficiently serving the Chinese customized market!

2023-08-18 17:52:55

CBD Fair | [Industry ` Ka Shuo] Q Yuan ` Material Art - DuPont Hardware: an international material giant spanning three centuries, efficiently serving the Chinese customized market!

DuPont Home Hardware 2023-05-30 18:57 Published in Guangdong


In recent years, the demand for high-end hardware products has grown rapidly, the hardware consumption market has continued to upgrade, and the environmental protection industry has driven the continuous clearance of outdated production capacity, resulting in a healthy and orderly development of the industry. At present, the hardware industry cluster has shown the characteristics of a complete industrial chain, distinct industrial characteristics, and high regional brand awareness. In the future, with the growth of high-end consumer demand for hardware products, the product structure of the hardware industry will be further optimized and upgraded, developing towards high-quality and high-end directions. The hardware industry and even the supply chain of large home decoration will embark on a path of high-quality development.

In order to explore the driving force behind the industrial upgrading driven by the supply chain of large home decoration, and to trace the highly forward-looking and disruptive new materials and processes, China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) and 77 degrees jointly launched a series of "Ask Source ` Material Art" interviews. In this interview, we went to Guangdong Rongyijia Technology Co., Ltd., a DuPont hardware licensor, to talk to Rongyijia CEO Lin Shaowu and share the DuPont Group's over 200 years of technological accumulation, How to efficiently empower Chinese customized enterprises.


In 1988, DuPont Group of the United States registered and established "DuPont China Group Co., Ltd." in Shenzhen, which was the first foreign-owned investment company in China; In 2021, Rongyijia became a strategic partner and exclusive licensor of DuPont Group in China for furniture hardware, door and window hardware, officially marking the beginning of DuPont Hardware's entry into the Chinese market.

DuPont Group, relying on its 221 year rich technological heritage, has gained recognition and choice from leading customization enterprises and numerous channel merchants in the research and development of building materials technology and products, combined with localized service capabilities and market operations. In the past three years, under the uncertain environment of the epidemic and the sluggish upstream real estate market, the development and growth rate of the highly related downstream home decoration industry has slowed down, price wars have intensified, and profits have significantly declined.

Today's consumers are smarter than before, have received more education, and have the opportunity to access richer information. They have many channels to verify the content promoted by the company and find better alternatives. How to navigate the cycle in an uncertain environment and find ways to break the situation has become the primary issue for DuPont Hardware in China's development. DuPont Hardware clearly sees that enterprises need to switch from the perspective of industrial supply to user demand, from blindly following the trend to pursuing quality and cost-effectiveness, and from speed based growth to quality based growth, in order to truly promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.



As a "technology giant" that has gone through three centuries, DuPont Group's research in materials science is evident to the world. In 1930, DuPont developed synthetic rubber and synthetic fibers; Nylon was invented in 1935; Invented polymer resin safety glass in 1937; In 1965, Kevlar special material with a strength five times that of steel was invented; Invented in 1967


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