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Today's Recommendation | DuPont Lafa Series - Full Skin Luminescent Mirror Makeup Table


Many girls are accustomed to placing cosmetics in bathroom spaces, which can easily become damp and spoiled over time. The accumulation of bottles and cans over time can also make the bathroom look messy. But in fact, we can set up a separate dressing area in the room, so that we can separate our makeup and toiletries, avoid dampness in our makeup, apply and remove makeup happily every day, and go out happily~

What should a good dressing area look like?


A functional partition with storage and organization, providing space for storing cosmetics


Beautiful and atmospheric


You can use the dressing table as a desk to enhance its practicality

So today, we will share with you a highly attractive and practical dressing table. The countertop is large enough, making it easy to pick up bottles and jars. Implicit makeup mirror, when applying makeup, simply flip the mirror surface open, with a neat and movable storage compartment in the middle. Close the mirror and it can also be used as an office area.

Core selling points:

1. Divide the storage area into visible storage drawers, making storage more organized and organized. The scientific zoning and layout of the left and right rows provide ample storage capacity.

2. Flip over design, dustproof and aesthetically pleasing. Flip up during use and close during idle time

3. Fully tempered glass, not easy to corrode, easy to clean, resistant to dirt and easy to care for, easy to clean with a towel.

4. LED intelligent high-definition mirror, reflecting your beautiful appearance.

5. Soft and gentle, with a baby skin texture

6. Craftsmanship and pure handmade leather pasting process.

7. Full skin curved design with thoughtful handles.

8. Multiple colors to choose from, with 9 colors to choose from: Mocha,Grey,Creamy White,Brown,Orange,Smoke Gray,Olive Green,Ochre Yellow.

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