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Today's Recommendation | DuPont 165 Large Angle Hinge


Scenes with different layouts and spatial structures have different living habits. Therefore, this determines the need to use cabinets of different specifications and different hardware accessories to meet various specific requirements. As an important component of cabinets, hinges play a very important role, so hinges require multiple opening angles to adapt to different needs.

DuPont Hardware ▏★165 large angle hinge★                                  

When it comes to multiple opening angles, let's talk about DuPont Hardware's 165 large angle hinge. In a spacious and unobstructed space, everyone hopes that the cabinet door can be opened as large as possible, so that it has a broad visual and convenient use, and the contents of the cabinet can also be seen at a glance. This hinge can open up to 165 degrees

This hinge comes in three styles to choose from: straight bend (full-overlay), medium bend (half-overlay), and large bend (inset)

The hinge features high-strength carbon steel and closed rivets. Long term use without breaking or scattering, better protecting the hinge structure and ensuring stable performance. In addition, the core of the product adopts a nylon hydraulic cylinder body, fully sealed oil pressure buffer, and high-precision oil body, making the hinge more durable and long-lasting.

The stable base easily achieves one click separation, making hinge disassembly more convenient. The stable base can also better stabilize the hinge to play its telescopic function, allowing the cabinet door to better complete the "opening and closing" task. In addition to better stability of the base, the widened design of its cup head, combined with the two, is also an important reason for the hinge to be more firmly fixed on the cabinet door.

Adjustable screw design at the tail, integrated with coverage distance adjustment screws for more options and more freedom of installation.

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