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ROEASY/DuPont Hardware has won another honor! Joined the World Bathroom Conference as an "Excellent Bathroom Partner"


ROEASY/DuPont Hardware has won another honor! Joined the World Bathroom Conference as an "Excellent Bathroom Partner"

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By the end of 2023, ROEASY/DuPont Hardware has been making great strides and has had another good thing happening!   On December 6th, the 2023 World Bathroom Conference and the first Bathroom Supply Chain Micro Exhibition, hosted by YUEDU Holdings and guided by the China Building Materials Circulation Association, kicked off grandly. On site gathering of 5 major industry associations, 13 David Bathroom production areas, over 400 national bathroom entrepreneurs, 700 national bathroom enterprise executives, 100 national brand giants and mainstream media, thousands of people gathered to discuss the future of the industry.

ROEASY/DuPont Hardware, as a powerful enterprise in the building materials industry, was invited to attend the World Bathroom Conference and explore new era industrial topics facing the world with industry experts, jointly promoting China's bathroom industry to go global.

Brand strength stands out and is pleased to present the "Excellent Bathroom Partner" award

At the venue of this conference, the 2023 "China Home Furnishing Power Ranking" was unveiled. As an authoritative selection activity in the bathroom industry, the China Home Power Ranking is a benchmark for Chinese bathroom brand models and is known as the "Oscar" of the industry. The 2023 Brand Strength Ranking selection is aimed at the entire home furnishing industry. Based on the contributions, influence, innovation, vitality, environmental protection, technology, and industry response of the candidates, outstanding representatives with strength, responsibility, and potential in the home furnishing industry are selected.

After fierce competition, ROEASY/DuPont Hardware won the "Excellent Bathroom Partner" award, and the company's strength was once again recognized by authorities,

ROEASY /DuPont Hardware Helps Embark on a New Journey Together

ROEASY/DuPont is a global enterprise focused on scientific research, committed to becoming one of the global innovation drivers. Fortune Global 500 companies. For 200 years, ROEASY/DuPont has been synonymous with large-scale industrial technological breakthroughs and consumer innovation that changes life. DuPont's artificial stone Corinne is well-known in the building materials industry, and Europa and Shangpin are both customized brands and customers of DuPont.

At this World Bathroom Conference, there were numerous brands and numerous participating companies. DuPont Hardware was able to win the authoritative honor of "Excellent Bathroom Partner", and its brand strength was once again recognized by the industry. I believe that DuPont Hardware, which has returned with reputation, will surely make a stronger brand voice on the global bathroom stage!

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