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High Dingxin Trend | DuPont Hardware's "2023 Intelligent Hardware" New Product Announced Simultaneously with Guangzhou Construction Expo


As a "technology giant" that has gone through three centuries, DuPont's research in materials science is well-known to the world.

In 1930, DuPont developed synthetic rubber and synthetic fibers;

Nylon was invented in 1935;

Invented polymer resin safety glass in 1937;

In 1965, Kevlar special material with a strength five times that of steel was invented;

The world's first artificial stone was invented in 1967.

After the 21st century, DuPont's paper honeycomb panels, Teflon non stick coatings, and Tynex premium bristles. Even high-end hardware products that are about to participate in the China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) are essential choices for modern home architecture.

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