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Break Through Smart Release Space | DuPont Hardware Dealer Training Meeting Comes to a Perfect End!


DuPont Hardware Dealer Training Conference

On August 5-6, the DuPont Hardware "Break Through Smart Space" dealer training session was successfully held at the Country Garden Holiday Hotel in Qingyuan. Awen Lin the CEO of ROEASY Company and BoRong Hardware (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. DuPont Business Unit General Manager Qianhui Chen attended the meeting to share and exchange sales growth methods with distributors from all over the country.

This training session will comprehensively focus on improving sales and short video marketing. The two-day conference atmosphere was lively and fruitful, receiving unanimous recognition from our dealer partners.

On the first day of the training session, the dealer team and DuPont Hardware sales team, organized by the coach, formed an on-site team and demonstrated their skills. Through the mini game, the team members enhanced their understanding and got to know each other on site. They actively discussed the team name and slogan.

The event officially begins, with Mr. Qianhui Chen , General Manager of  BoRong Hardware (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., introducing the brand story and development path of DuPont Hardware to the guests present. By sorting out the development path of DuPont Hardware, we aim to provide on-site guests with a deeper understanding of the brand story of DuPont Hardware. At the same time, we aim to establish a sound brand mindset among the dealer team and DuPont V sales team, laying a solid foundation for further enhancing our overall capabilities. After more than two years of development, DuPont Hardware has achieved remarkable results in exploring and developing product functions, accumulating and practicing, innovating and breaking through.

↓↓↓↓Qianhui Chen , General Manager of BoRong Hardware (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd

Subsequently, Mr. Awen Lin, The CEO of ROEASY, introduced the global high-end optimization strategy to the guests present. Mr. Lin stated that in recent years, the demand for high-end hardware products has grown rapidly, and the hardware consumption market has continued to upgrade. The hardware industry cluster has shown characteristics of a complete industrial chain, distinct industrial characteristics, and high regional brand awareness. In the future, with the growth of high-end consumer demand for hardware products, the product structure of the hardware industry will be further optimized and upgraded, developing towards high quality and high-end. The strategy of high definition and optimal configuration is in line with DuPont Hardware's development direction towards healthy and sustainable development.

↓↓↓ Awen Lin, CEO of ROEASY Company

At the training session, representatives from various business units of DuPont Hardware explained the strength and new products of Rongyi Home to the dealers. Firstly, DuPont has excellent strength: ALICO hinges and UC three-stage force small angle buffering hinges; Next to them are the whole house intelligent storage system, cloakroom storage application system, kitchen basket, and XPOWER power pendant system.

▲ Interpreting ROEASY's Strength, Excellence, and New Products

Currently, short video marketing is becoming an increasingly important sales channel, and more and more products are being understood through short video marketing. Short video marketing has become a significant direction in sales channels.

At the meeting, Xue Rong, Secretary General of the Home Hardware Special Committee of the China Hardware Products Association, also explained to everyone about the IPization of home furnishings experts, playing short video marketing and other related knowledge, giving everyone the opportunity to learn about short video marketing.

On the evening of the training, the Cow Night Party and Hot Spring Free Activity were held, and each team went on stage to showcase their team programs.

With everyone's performance, the atmosphere on site was very lively, which further pushed the activity atmosphere to a climax.

In order to consolidate the basic skills of various dealer teams and DuPont Hardware sales teams in practical sales, and solve the problems encountered in sales, the next day's training was conducted by Sun Ritong, the chief lecturer of Black Ant Consulting, to conduct a 10 fold increase in sales training camp. The course comprehensively improved everyone's sales skills from marketing to sales theory knowledge.

Afterwards, Mr. Yongkang Zhang from Alibaba will explain to everyone the secret of team fission: effective recruitment and retention. Through learning, I also helped the present team members understand how to improve team composition, and a good team can also lead to good performance

After the training, Mr. Awen Lin, CEO of ROEASY, discussed with everyone the agent landing plan and investment strategy co creation. Everyone expresses their own opinions and suggestions for investment promotion strategies.

At the end of this training, certificates were also awarded to the best team and individuals on site, and graduation certificates were presented to everyone. We believe that everyone will gain a lot from this training

Through this training, exchange, and sharing, dealers have further broadened their sales thinking and mastered sales methods. This is not only a knowledge infusion, but also a sublimation of ideas. I believe that everyone has gained a lot.

New opportunities endow new missions

Let's pack up and set off again

Continue with a spirit of hard work and perseverance

The enterprising will creates more proud achievements

Exploring a Better Future for DuPont Hardware


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