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DuPont Hardware has been highly recognized by the Guangzhou Customized Home Furnishing Industry Association for its high definition and optimal configuration


DuPont High Definition and Optimization, combined with an ERP online management system, has central warehouses in Guangzhou, Hefei, Chengdu, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Guiyang, and other cities, providing hardware services. The central warehouse can be standard out of the warehouse and supports mixed picking, with one click shipping, one piece shipping, 24-hour limited time shipping, and 1-3 days of arrival in major central cities in China.

Accessories are also provided for door-to-door delivery; Centralized procurement prices, full coverage for damage and missing items, and worry free after-sales service.

The system provides 24 * 7 hours of online service, providing real-time inventory, precise distribution, accurate shipment, and material saving. It effectively helps customized enterprises and hardware dealers in the entire house to remove hardware inventory, hardware warehouses, and reduce the proportion of dead five gold shipments, and accelerate inventory turnover. DuPont Hardware provides a one-stop solution to the hardware application challenges of cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and high development for customized enterprises.

Equipped with complete functions, excellent performance, and high quality to price ratio, DuPont's five golden world brands, with international quality, will help Gaoding Home Furnishings enter a new track and reach its peak in competition.

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