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Cold rolled steel to "stainless steel" - DuPont Hardware's unique ALICO new process


Cold rolled steel to "stainless steel" - DuPont ™ The unique ALICO new process of hardware has made a stunning appearance at this exhibition, with DuPont ™ The unique ALICO innovative environmentally friendly electroplating process for hardware. After electroplating, the surface of the hinge is rich in various trace elements such as titanium, zinc, nickel, etc., which significantly improves the durability and rust resistance of the hinge. It has been used in production fields such as aerospace, high-end automobiles, and military industry, reducing the harm to human health and the environment. This is an environmentally friendly hinge.

ALICO hinge technology has refreshed the standards and technologies of the hardware industry, building DuPont ™ Competitive barriers in the hardware market. DuPont Hardware has obvious advantages such as adaptability to the environment, health and environmental protection, excellent performance, and ultra-high cost-effectiveness. After various tests, it has been shown to have strong corrosion resistance. The salt spray test lasts for 240 hours and is not affected, with a durability of over 6 times. This is an ALICO process hinge that can rival the performance of stainless steel in all aspects, with a price of only 3/5 stainless steel, greatly reducing costs, and is a key tool for customized home engineering projects.

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