Furniture Hardware

Furniture Hardware

​Furniure Hardware is the soul of furniture for they have an immediate influence on the solid degree and service life of furniture. Furniture hardware can be divided into functional furniture hardware and decorative furniture hardware with respect to the use purpose. According to the most linking-mode of furniture hardware and substrate, functional furniture hardware can be further divided into screw thread connector and non-screw thread connector. As one of the top professional Chinese furniture hardware suppliers, ROEASY provides such furniture hardware items as concealed hinge, drawer slide, cabinet support, cabinet handle, drawer lock.

Types of Furniture Hardware Items List

Hinge Series

The whole ROEASY concealed hinge series, equipped with a world-leading soft-close system, making the cabinet door close smoothly and silently, which will bring you a more comfortable feeling.

Slide Series

Even under sustained loading, the ROEASY slide will be not out of shape with long time pressure. ROEASY slide still can hole it.

Support Series

Smooth closing depends on the existence of the ROEASY support. It can be installed fast and simple with ROEASY quickly assembly technology.

Drawer Lock Series

Being an international manufacturer of high quality drawer lock in China. We are enjoy a good reputation in the fields of security system.

Cabinet Handle

Looking for ROEASY handle factory direct sale? You can buy factory price ROEASY handle from a great list of reliable China ROEASY handle manufacturers.

Other Fittings

Furniture hardware fittings are generally hidden and installed inside the furniture that people can not easy to find. But it is essential to use furniture hardware fitting in your furniture.


Tips for Caring Your Furniture Hardware

Furniture hardware accessories are one of the important components of furniture, and hardware accessories directly affect the overall quality of furniture. Furniture hardware accessories refer to hinges, drawer slides, supports, etc.

So, how to protect them? There are some tips for caring or handling your furniture hardware fittings:

  • Furniture hardware fittings are usually made of stainless steel or iron, so do not put overheated or cold items directly on the surface of the fittings.

  • Do not put sharp or rough objects directly on the surface of the furniture hardware items, and never let your furniture hardware come into direct contact with organic solvents.

  • Each type of furniture hardware fitting can only bear certain weight, so it must be installed reasonably and correctly.

  • Do not place your furniture in a humid place often, especially those made of iron materials because they will rust easily.

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