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New Product Published: OT mini door opener


New Product Published: OT mini door opener

1. One touch to open, slap the door and close: Innovative rebound cushioning technology, opening and closing, fully showcasing modern trends and aesthetics.

2. Wide triggering area, open and close at will: The triggering area can reach more than 60% of the door panel, 4 times the triggering area, make opening and closing more relaxed without the need for point-to-point touch.

3. Adjustable trigger, smaller door gap: trigger adjustment up to 3mm, simpler installation; The triggering distance is only 2.5mm, and the door gap design is smaller.

4. Mechanical kinetic energy, stable and durable: Mechanical kinetic energy does not require electricity, stable and energy-saving, with a service life of up to 50000 times of opening and closing. It can be used for 20 years in one installation, stable and durable.

5. Simple appearance, lightweight and easy to use: lighter than a mobile phone, easy to install and use, simple yet not simple.

6. Suitable for various heights cabinet doors: universal for small/medium/large doors, installation does not require adding partitions, make the cabinet space wider. Women's long skirts and coats can be easily stored!

7. Can be equipped with any buffer hinge: The buffer hinge can adapt from -45 ° to 165 °!

8. Two Step Installation, Ready to Buy and Use: Two screws, two steps complete, easy to grip.

Product parameters:

Shell size: 170mm * 55mm * 11mm (approximately the size of two ID cards)

Total length of trigger rod included: 211mm

Weight: Approximately 120 grams (approximately half an iPhone)

Spring angle:

Minimum popping angle 4.28 °, maximum popping angle 5.12 °

Door panel opening distance

The minimum opening distance of the door panel is 30mm, and the maximum opening distance is 57mm

Main structure:

Installation hole: lock screw installation

Adjustable wheel: used to adjust the triggering distance, adjustable distance 0-3mm

Trigger lever: used to trigger and push open door panels

Push rod: product energy storage structure

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