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Today's Recommendation | DuPont Rafale Series - NF-ZR03 Three Layer Watch Winder

2024-06-08 15:11:11
Today's Recommendation | DuPont Rafale Series - NF-ZR03 Three Layer Watch Winder

In this era of all-in-one storage, besides clothing, belts and watches also need to be properly stored. True watch enthusiasts cannot do without mechanical watches. However, mechanical watches require careful maintenance, and complex functional mechanical watches such as perpetual calendars are even more delicate. In addition to maintenance, it is also necessary to ensure that they are on chain once a month.

Today I will introduce this watch shaker to you. A watch shaker is a watch case equipped with a motor, used for automatic chaining of high-end mechanical watches. It is also known as an automatic winding watch box, an automatic winding motor watch box, a master box, a shaking watch box, a turning watch box, a winding device, etc. It can achieve the effect of automatic winding by driving a rotatable dial; The following contains a leather storage box, which can be used to store small accessories, scarves, and other items.

It has eight core advantages

  1. The first layer shaker is equipped with 6 watch cups, which can store multiple mechanical watches;
    2. The overall use of handmade leather, exquisite wiring, and soft LED lighting design inside create an overall spatial atmosphere, improve the overall grade, and enjoy the pleasure and sensitivity brought by art;
    3. The outer cover is designed with a fingerprint lock to enhance the safety of watch storage;
    4. The shaker stops immediately upon opening the cover and automatically returns to its original position.
    5. Can maintain energy storage on the chain, making the gears smooth and extending the watch's usage time
    6. When not in use, it can prevent the meter from stopping due to insufficient power, maintain precise needle movement, and avoid the trouble of adjusting the meter
    7. Double layered 6-drawer design for reasonable storage
    8. Texture microfiber leather, soft texture

This product is divided into two areas: the first layer: a shaker - containing 6 watch cups, fingerprint unlocking; Second and third layers: storage boxes.

Product parameters:
1. Power supply method: plug-in use
2. Drawing box W270 x D400 x H100m
3.800 cabinet W760 × D350 × H350mm
4.900 cabinet W860 × D350 × H350m

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