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Today's Recommendation | DuPont Hardware Wardrobe Storage Series - Meking Series

2024-06-18 09:54:11
Today's Recommendation | DuPont Hardware Wardrobe Storage Series - Meking Series

A good closet not only meets basic storage needs, but also brings joy and confidence to those who change in the closet, making it a highlight in custom home design.
The Meiking collection, a wardrobe storage system from DuPont Hardware, is an extensive, design focused private wardrobe storage system that adheres to a minimalist style and provides more customizable elements for modern wardrobes in a form that meets contemporary taste and desires for life.

          MEKING SERIES           

This series has an adjustable border design, which is elegant yet soft. The frame is made of aluminum profile material, combined with solid wood padding on the surface, presenting a simple and not simple wardrobe temperament.

Whether it is an open or enclosed wardrobe, DuPont Hardware has achieved the ultimate in functionality and design. On the one hand, the cushioning automatic closing mechanism of the storage system provides users with an extremely comfortable user experience. On the other hand, the pull-out characteristics of the storage system itself and its minimalist design greatly improve space utilization and efficiency.

Jewelry area, storing watches, necklaces, sunglasses, rings Small items that are easily lost should be placed together for easy storage and retrieval.

Pant rack area, pants are more suitable for hanging and placing, arranged in strips for easy retrieval.

Stacking area, where lightweight, precious, and inconvenient hanging clothes are stacked in a basket for better protection.

No matter how large the area of the cloakroom is, we should make full use of its space, especially some irregular spaces. When designing the cloakroom, we must pay attention to the utilization and design of corner space, and use our cloakroom storage hardware to make the overall appearance more beautiful.


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