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New product recommendation: Heavy-duty Rebound Device

2024-01-20 15:45:57
New product recommendation: Heavy-duty Rebound Device

New product recommendation: heavy-duty rebound device

Suitable for use with large invisible door panels, one press to open, The door panel can be opened without a handle. When use a door panel weighing less than 500 pounds, simply gently push the door with your hand to open it; When close the door, simply gently push and press the door magnet and suction plate with your hand to absorb it. Equipped with dual magnetic heads and strong magnetic attraction, it can open and be held, and is widely used for cabinet doors, invisible doors, and other areas. 

Product features:

1. Convenient and beautiful: No need for handles, one press to open, one press to close,

2. Durable and sturdy: reinforced metal base and shell for hard protection, making door opening smoother

3. Strong suction force: dual magnetic heads, strong suction force, magnetic force, long-lasting endurance

4. Super strong ejection force: The longer it is, the farther it will pop out

Model: H001/H002

Ejectable length: H001:32mm/H002:47mm

Material: Zinc alloy

Elastic force: 50n

Color: Available in black and white

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