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Congratulations!!! ROEASY was selected as Outstanding Case of Guangzhou's Cross border E-commerce "Brand Going Abroad"

2023-12-05 15:29:31
Congratulations!!! ROEASY was selected as Outstanding Case of Guangzhou's Cross border E-commerce

On December 5th, the excellent case of Guangzhou's cross-border e-commerce "brand going global" was unveiled at the 2023 Cross border E-commerce Conference. 35 cases including NetEase Youdao and Lanshen Technology were selected, covering various fields such as platform, brand, manufacturing, marketing, logistics, education, and compliance. A number of excellent cases of digital transformation, sales channel expansion, and marketing system innovation in the manufacturing industry were selected, showcasing the new style of Guangzhou's cross-border e-commerce in innovative practices and business models. The conference invited Tang Min, a counselor of the State Council and initiator of the China Cross border E-commerce 50 Forum, and Hong Qian, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, to present medals to the enterprises.

How to use the internet to integrate product designers and production in the new market model, and promote them to the world? 35 excellent cases provided their answers.

Make good use of trademarks and patents to achieve breakthroughs in new trend brands

Making good use of trademark patents and building industry advantages is a successful path explored by many "brand going global" enterprises. Hutou Battery owns trademarks such as "555", with annual sales of over 6 billion dry batteries and a foreign trade volume of over 400 million US dollars. Its export volume ranks among the top in China's dry battery industry. This 95 year old "time-honored brand" continues to hone its skills and move towards the overseas new energy storage market. Lin Shaowu, CEO of another excellent case company, Rongyijia Technology, introduced that building intangible assets of patents and trademarks is the secret to their entry into the leading position in the foreign trade hardware industry. Bacheng Technology, a cutting-edge brand engaged in high-end electric knives and scissors going global, takes the design and research and development of knife heads as its core capability, and deeply understands the new needs of consumers.

In recent years, outdoor consumption has continued to be popular. After years of development, Guangzhou Yinsanhuan Machinery Co., Ltd., which started with the production of frames, upgraded its bicycle brand "Qianlida" in 2006. According to Zhang Xiaoping, the general manager of Qianlida Industry, Qianlida is a leading bicycle brand with best-selling products in multiple countries and regions. The company has won titles such as "Enterprise with a Tax Payment of Over One Million Yuan" and "First Prize in Overseas Investment in Guangzhou" for many years.

In addition to outdoor sports trends, Altruistic Information has taken a different approach to street culture and art. "For trendy brands, once brand value is formed, their core users will become loyal supporters of trendy brand history, design concepts, and cultural attitudes," said brand founder Chen Quncheng.

Deeply cultivating sub sectors, empowering the intelligent manufacturing industry chain with big data

Deeply cultivate and refine in niche fields, and make great strides forward in emerging fields. Many enterprises have identified their own positioning and utilized the industrial agglomeration advantages of the Greater Bay Area to achieve breakthroughs and go global. According to Liang Shangjie from Changsheng International, which operates pet products, the company advocates the design concept of "harmony between humans and pets" and tells the story of Chinese people's love for pets with high-quality products.

Yiwang Innovation, which performed well in the previous roadshow, focuses on supply chain integration technology. With the help of its Yiya Virtual Factory Zhilian platform, the company has built a bridge between cross-border factories and sellers, forming a unique development model.

There are also many outstanding representatives from the leather and textile industries who have gone abroad in the selected cases. Among them, cloud leather goods have reshaped the industry chain through big data and completed "one click delivery" at the end of the flexible production chain,

Solved the production and sales problem. Gu Xiou focuses on studying overseas customs and has connected the last mile of "brand going global" with the creative IP of "Xuanni Little Bear". Bosilun Industry takes advantage of the unique advantages of New Baiyun International Airport and Shiling Leather, and its stationery and leather goods are exported to various countries.

Guangzhou Xili Clothing mainly engages in flexible customization of sports apparel, winning team uniform orders from hundreds of international clubs and universities. Chaoyang Clothing is mainly engaged in the research and sales of yoga sportswear, and its high-quality products have won praise from overseas consumers. Kelly Clothing creates high-end sexy women's clothing and has a group of loyal overseas users. Ruibo En innovates "dual product" marketing and goes global to create high-quality wardrobes for women in the workplace.

Baomi Technology is an enterprise engaged in cross-border home production, research and development, and sales. Tang Weiwei introduced that the company focuses on the cross-border e-commerce field of large home furnishings, mainly serving high-income overseas groups. Yike Trading is the hidden champion of the high-end intelligent garbage bin industry, with products exported to more than 200 countries and regions. It is a shining business card of Guangdong Intelligent Manufacturing. Guangdong Yinghao is a company that produces creative decorative paintings and Christmas balls. As of October this year, the company has exported over 80 million yuan of goods to overseas warehouses for distribution and sales.

Yixian E-commerce is a leading beauty and skincare brand in Guangzhou. Currently, it has makeup and skincare brands such as Perfect Diary, Xiaootin, and Wanzixinxuan. Based on the strategic positioning of a "global multi brand beauty platform," it continuously transforms and creates brands that young people love. Bose Trading is another beauty product and service enterprise in this event. The company is deeply rooted in the local market, not only developing products, but also connecting the chain of beauty industry brands going abroad.

New media+e-commerce service providers empower domestic products to go global

Cross border trade not only requires product service providers, but also a group of enterprises that provide services. In the selected cases, Dora Technology, Tidong Technology, Tianyun Technology, Deshi Technology, and Weihai brands serve the local ecosystem by serving cross-border trade and helping Chinese manufacturing to go global with high quality. Puff Media has developed a business model of "brand+new media+e-commerce" and created multiple cases. It has served nearly 100 domestic and foreign brands, including clothing, health products, furniture, musical instruments, and games, helping brand owners build overseas new media accounts, create content, obtain brand exposure, and attract traffic to the e-commerce side to achieve transformation from scratch.

Weishi Store is a registered enterprise in Huangpu District. The company has developed an app and is working hard to create an AIGC video metaverse, serving merchants of beauty, mother and baby products.

Brands going global cannot do without the support of logistics companies. According to Lin Weijian from the business unit of Guangdong Gaojie Shipping Logistics Co., Ltd., the company has been deeply involved in the foreign trade import and export logistics industry for more than 20 years, providing convenient and affordable overseas warehousing, logistics, and customs clearance services.


Industry experts believe that

The establishment of Guangzhou's cross-border e-commerce "Brand Going Abroad" is timely. Only when the brand is deeply rooted in people's hearts can foreign trade products and services "rise up", compete with international big brands, and even achieve overtaking in corners, effectively enhancing the competitiveness and development level of "Chinese Smart Manufacturing" in the global market. (Information Promotion)

List of Excellent Cases of Guangzhou Cross border E-commerce Brands Going Abroad

1. NetEase Youdao (Youdao ads going global digital marketing platform)

2. Lanshen Technology ("Focusing on product research and development and consumer experience to build a global brand")

3. Tianyun Technology (OgCloud, a global cloud service provider that understands marketing)

4. Weishi Store (Weishi Store App: AIGC Video Metaverse)

5. Duola Technology (Using the "Silk Road E-commerce" Dongfeng Cross border Comprehensive E-commerce Platform to Assist Chinese Products in Going Global)

6. Baomi Technology (a cross-border home fashion pioneer case)

7. Puff Media (a full chain marketing expert for brand going global)

8. Yixian E-commerce (Perfect Diary Beauty with No Restrictions on Domestic Products, Brilliant International Stage)

9. Yike Trading ("EKO High end Intelligent Garbage Bin Helps" China's Intelligent Manufacturing "Go Global")

10. Vance Optoelectronics (one-stop solution for cross-border lighting)

11. Tiger Head Battery (an excellent brand of Chinese batteries going global)

12. Rongyijia (Leading Home Decoration Hardware Enterprise)

13. Tidong Technology (Overseas Marketing Helps Chinese Brands Globalization)

14. Gu Xiou Leather Goods (based on Guangzhou Mengshang Global)

15. Eight Orange Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. (Case of New and Emerging Brands of Electric Knives and Scissors)

16. Nuoshi Trading (using brands to enhance product competitiveness)

17. Guangdong Yinghao (Global Cultural and Creative Home Furnishings Overall Supplier)

18. Yiya (Yiwang Innovation Cross border E-commerce Supply Chain B2B Platform)

19. Kelly Apparel (Emerging Middle and High end Fashion Brands Going Abroad)

20. Bosilun (one-stop customization of luggage and clothing)

21. Trinidad ("TRINX, a leading high-end bicycle brand in China and renowned globally")

22. Lita Technology (a trendy brand focused on street culture and art)

23. Jingke Network (a leading global fast fashion brand group)

24. Koreo (a refrigeration enterprise that provides technical services to global markets)

25. Cloud based leather goods (a global comprehensive industrial brand for leather research and development and production)

26. Rui Bo En (Innovating "Dual Product" Marketing to Go Global, Creating Quality Wardrobes for Women in the Workplace)

27. Xili Clothing (preparing for innovation in advance, from large factories to large brands)

28. Weihai brand (refined services work together with Chinese brands to break through)

29. Gaojie Logistics (Pioneer Case of Leading Smart Cross border Supply Chain Services)

30. Bosi Trading (Assisting Neng Meiye Brand in Going Global to Realize Strategic Localization, Product Power Digitalization, and Realizing Omnichannel Sales)

31. Trendy fashion (becoming a functional fashion leader and sharing fruitful results with partners)

32. Changsheng International (providing high-quality products and services to pets worldwide)

33. Ocean Education ("Building China's New E-commerce" Huangpu Military Academy "to Serve Hundred Cities and Thousand Schools, Cultivate Millions of Talents")

34. Deshi Technology (a cross-border e-commerce brand)

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