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ALIBABA NEW POWER AWARD「Path to the future」FINALS -The Experience Sharing from the CEO of ROEASY Company AWEN LIN Who Is Called “All-rounder on Oversea Business”

2023-11-20 09:27:56

ALIBABA NEW POWER AWARD「Path to the future」FINALS -The Experience Sharing from the CEO of ROEASY Company AWEN LIN Who Is Called “All-rounder on Oversea Business”


On Nov-16th, 2023, the final of the 2nd NEW POWER AWARD "Path to the Future" was carried out in the Asian Games venue of Hangzhou e-sports Center. A total of 21 foreign trade masters from across the country competed forthe national TOP10 in the finals.


In this finals, Awen Lin, CEO of Guangdong roeasy Technology Co., Ltd. stood out from the competition, and participated in the finals competition on behalf of the Guangdong Provice Region.


The Grand Final is divided into three stages: Innovation stage, Strength stage and Global stage. From the perspectives of digital foreign trade novices, oversea trading strength  generals, and global responsibilities, to share the "personally effective experience " in an all-round way.

AWEN LIN - "Hardware Financial Officer"

In his speech, AWEN vividly shared his business philosophy, how to build enterprise digital system in the traditional business way, to achieve from products development, online customers acquisition, layout of overseas warehouse, brand oversea marketing, the construction of oversea business digital system in a full link.

“Focus on TOB, follow in the right ways”,“Fully using of digital foreign trade system, transferred to the online which the traditional way can not achieved”“Offline warehouse investment, online brand construction, digital combination to strengthen competitiveness”...etc. Awen shared his experience in practice and exploration with everyone,from the first customer till now accumulated more than 60,000 customers in customer digital system,ROEASY not only has more than 200 invention patents, utility models and appearance patents, but also become the head of the hardware industry.

An incredible target lead to an incredible result. In 2024, it is believed that the ROEASY brand will be able to walk out of a high quality and high development fast track on the basis of the digital platform, and the ROEASY brand will moving in more and more marketing all over the world.

Since 2016, the ROEASY brand has been registered as an international trademark in 43 countries around the world. Besides, the ROEASY brand also has agents in Vietnam, India, Iran, Egypt and some other area as well.In 2024, we plan to develop ROEASY brand agents in 20 countries, which is a major milestone for the ROEASY brand oversea marketing expending.

The digital foreign trade system opens a door for us to get more customers, but also brings more challenges and opportunities.In the process of development, we should focus on customers, build an enterprise digital system, made products and services with high satisfaction, and promote sustainable brand growth with the power of satisfaction.At the end of his speech, Awen said that digital platforms provide entrepreneurs with a new accounting model, in the pursuit of profits, we need to pay more attention to our intangible assets and customer value, but also to focus on the next 5 years,10 years of marketing planning.

Finally, base on the on-site professional review and think tank and online voting to give the votes, ROEASY CEO,Awen Lin, win the first place in the 2nd digital foreign trade real bull Award "Future Path" finals, with three evaluation scores are all in No.1.Win the national championship in the strength division!

The final total score ranked first in all three stages, to win the national TOP1 in the finals of the 2nd digital foreign trade real bull Award "Future Path" finals.

Congratulations to AWEN

Congratulations to ROEASY

Well deserved award


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