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35mm cups, universal thick and thin doors, three way, and small angle buffering, helping high-end home decor reach its peak

2024-07-05 14:14:58
35mm cups, universal thick and thin doors, three way, and small angle buffering, helping high-end home decor reach its peak

With the advent of the era of high-end home furnishings, numerous high-end brands have emerged in the market. Most people choose high-end home furnishings with one-stop services when decorating new homes, which is both labor-saving and worry free! Gaoding Home Furnishings provides design services in various aspects such as design style, color matching, panel material selection, hardware matching, and home appliance configuration, allowing even a novice who does not understand decoration, design, material selection, or color matching to decorate a high-end, tasteful, aesthetically pleasing home.
There is a saying in the furniture and hardware industry that hardware determines 85% of furniture's operational efficiency with a value of 15%. If consumers ask "why is customization so expensive in your home", the salesperson usually tells you how good hardware they used. Is this the positioning of hardware in the high-end home market?

Hinges, they understand the romance of home the most.
Let's learn about its past and present lives.

Hardware, reproduce beautiful appearance with good standards.

Hinge is a metal device commonly used to connect cabinet doors to cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, TV cabinets, and other furniture cabinets.

Hinges, they understand the romance of home the most.
Let's learn about its past and present lives.

The hinge is its past life, carrying the weight of the panel, and the smooth closure is its mission. Hinge is the title of its present life, from the invention of one way and two way, to buffer hinge, and then to small angle competition, this is the main line of its evolution. In its past life, the collision of door panels was barbaric. In its lifetime, all doors represent gentleness, safety, and romance.
Hinges are the fundamental and essential components of high-end hardware, and are also an important component of cabinet doors. So how do you choose? I believe it is also a matter of great concern to everyone.

In the frequent opening and closing process of cabinets and wardrobe doors in daily life, the hinge is probably the most tested. It not only needs to accurately connect the cabinet body and door panels, but also bears the weight of the cabinet door alone. Moreover, the cabinet door can be opened and closed tens of thousands of times, and the consistency of the door row must be maintained. Otherwise, after using it for a period of time, a series of problems such as door gaps, misalignment, noise, and loud opening sound may occur.

How to choose a hinge that suits your home?

According to the degree to which the cabinet door panel covers the side panels, hinges can be divided into full overlay, half overlay, and inset. There are also other names such as large bend, medium bend, and straight bend. According to the fixing method, they can be divided into two types: fixed installation and clip on.

Fixed hinge: usually used for the installation of cabinet doors that do not require secondary disassembly.
Clip on hinge: commonly used for cabinet doors that require painting or cleaning, characterized by the ability to avoid loosening screws due to multiple disassembly, and simple installation.

At present, DuPont Hardware's newly launched heavy-duty hinges, including 35mm cups, universal thick and thin doors, three-way, and small angle buffering, reduce cabinet door collisions and prolong service life on the basis of basic usage functions, achieving combined noise reduction, silent and smooth operation, and other functions. This is an environmentally friendly hinge with complete functions, excellent performance, and high quality to price ratio. It is a heavyweight item in Gaoding Hardware, helping Gaoding Home Furnishings brand enter a new track and reach its peak in competition.

     35 cups · thick and thin door · three stage force · small buffer     
Three stage force hinge: (hovering, closing, small angle buffering)
1. Excellent performance

■ Prevent the door panel from bouncing
■ Avoid loosening the screws on the side panel
■ Effectively protecting the cabinet body
■ Longer service life of doors
■ >70 ° free hover
■ <70 ° slow closure
■<10 ° small angle buffering

2. Hydraulic cylinder

■ Damping oil cylinder for quieter cushioning

3. Universal use of thick and thin doors

  35MM cup, hinge diameter
  16-25mm, suitable for door panel thickness

4. Super large adjustment, 8mm ultra long adjustment

  Flat head deepening screw design to prevent excessive force from slipping the thread

5. Wear resistant nylon

  6-piece buffer arm with anti-wear nylon, non swinging, smooth opening and closing.

6. Selected materials, fully customized high-end selection for the entire house

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