What Is Furniture Hardware? What Are The Functions of Furniture Hardware Fitting?

Aug 23-2021

1. The definition of furniture hardware

Furniture hardware refers to the hardware components of hardware furniture or functional metal parts such as the sliding rails, hinges, sofa legs, lifters, backrests, springs, gun nails, foot codes, connections, activities, fastenings, baskets, and decorations used on furniture. It is also known as furniture fitting.

The hardware handle is the most widely used among the furniture hardware. As the name suggests, the furniture hardware handle involves furniture in household items. The furniture hardware handle can be embedded in high-end cabinet fittings with the latest fashion elements and brand-new craftsmanship. It is produced based on the standard of artwork and made by electroplating popular antique and fashionable colors. It has representative colors such as bronze, white ancient, ancient silver, powder spraying, silver white, flashing silver, roasted black, gold-plated, chrome-plated, brushed, pearl nickel and pearl silver.

2. Furniture hardware fitting

(1) Furniture hardware fitting can be divided based on purposes

It includes the panel furniture hardware fitting, the wardrobe fitting, the cabinet fitting, the office furniture fitting, the sofa fitting, etc.

(2) Furniture hardware fitting can be divided based on materials

It includes zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, iron, plastic, stainless steel, PVC, ABS, copper, nylon, etc.

(3) Furniture hardware fitting can be divided based on functions

A. Structural furniture: It includes the metal structure of the glass coffee table, the metal legs of the round table, etc.

B. Functional furniture: It includes horse-riding drawers, hinges, three-in-one connectors, slide rails, shelf supports, etc.

C. Decorative furniture: It includes aluminum edge banding, pendants, handles, etc.

(4) Furniture hardware fitting can be divided by the scope of applications

It includes panel furniture hardware, solid wood hardware, office hardware, bathroom hardware, wardrobe hardware, cabinet hardware, etc.

(5) Main furniture hardware fitting

The main furniture hardware fitting include screws, wood screws, hinges, handles, slides, partition pins, hanging pieces, nails, heading machines, threading machines, multi-station machines, hardware, hardware frames, hardware handles, turntables, zippers, pneumatic rods, springs, furniture machinery, hinges, drawers, guide rails, steel drawers, pull baskets, hangers, sinks, spotlights, skirting boards, cutlery trays, hanging cabinet pendants, multifunctional columns and cabinet combinators.

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Introduction of Cabinet Hinge Adjustment

Aug 16-2021

Everyone must have seen the cabinet hinge. It is a very common component, but it can play a critical role. In order to better install the cabinet hinge, we should learn some installation methods and adjustment skills so that it can better play its role. RONGTAI will introduce you to how to install the cabinet hinge today.

1. Installation method of the cabinet hinge

(1) Full cover: The door completely covers the side panels of the cabinet. There is a clearance between them to facilitate the safe opening of the door.

2) Half cover: In this case, the two doors share one side panel. There is a required minimum total clearance between them. The covering distance of each door is correspondingly reduced, and the cabinet hinge with bent arms is required.

(3) Hidden inside: In this case, the door is located in the cabinet and beside the side panel of the cabinet. It also needs a clearance so that the door can be opened safely. A cabinet hinge with a very curved arm is required.

2. Adjustment skills of the cabinet hinge

The C distance. It refers to the distance between the edge of the door and the edge of the hinge cup hole. The maximum C size available for each type of cabinet hinge varies from different models, such as soft cabinet hinges. The larger the C distance, the smaller the minimum clearance.

The minimum clearance. It refers to the minimum distance from the side of the door required to open the door. It is determined by the C distance, door thickness and type. When the door edge is rounded, the minimum clearance is reduced accordingly.  

The number of hinges required for each door. The width of the door, the height of the door, and the material quality of the door are the determining factors of the quantity required for each door. In practice, factors vary from different situations.

The door coverage distance. It refers to the distance the door covers the side panels.

The minimum clearance of the half door. When two doors share a side panel, the total clearance required should be twice the minimum clearance so that both doors can be opened at the same time.

The clearance. It refers to the distance from the outside of the door to the outside of the cabinet when it is fully covered. In the case of a half cover, it refers to the distance between two doors. In the case of an inner door, it refers to the distance from the outside of the door to the inside of the cabinet side panel.

When the screw turns to the right, the door coverage distance becomes smaller, and when the screw turns to the left, the door coverage distance becomes larger. The height of the cabinet hinge base can be adjusted accurately by directly and continuously adjusting the eccentric screw. In addition to the common three-dimensional adjustments, some cabinet hinges can also adjust the opening force of the door. In general, with the tall and heavy door required for the most powerful as the basis, it is necessary to adjust the spring force when applied to narrow doors and glass doors. One turn of the cabinet hinge adjustment screw can reduce the spring force to 50%.

The cabinet hinge is widely used in our daily life since it is inseparable in many places. The installation method of the cabinet hinge is not difficult, and it can be done at home. You can follow the method taught by RONGTAI and learn some techniques for adjusting the cabinet hinge so that you can better install it.

Classification and Function of the Hinge

Aug 09-2021

The hinge is a mechanical device used to connect two solids and allow rotation between them. The hinge may consist of movable components or foldable materials. The hinge is mainly installed on doors and windows, while the hinge is mostly installed on cabinets. According to the material classification, it is mainly divided into the stainless steel hinge and the iron hinge. The hydraulic hinge (also known as the damping hinge) can offer people better enjoyment, and the function is to bring a buffer function when the cabinet door is closed. It can minimize the noise caused by collisions with the cabinet when the door is closed.

1. The door hinges

The door hinge is divided into ordinary type and bearing type, we will focus on the bearing type now. The bearing type can be divided into copper and stainless steel based on materials. It has specifications of 100X75mm, 125X75mm, 150X90mm, 100X100mm, 125X100mm, 150X100mm. It has thicknesses of 2.5mm and 3mm. Also, it has two bearings and four bearings. Based on the current consumption situation, more copper-bearing hinges are selected because they are beautiful, bright and affordable. Also, they are equipped with screws.  

2. Other hinges  

Other hinges include mesa hinges, door hinges, and glass hinges. Glass hinges are used to install frameless glass cabinet doors, and the thickness should be equal to or less than 5-6mm. It has a hole-punch style, which has all the properties of spring hinges. Also, there are magnetic types and the top-mounted type of the non-punched style, such as strong magnetic glass hinges.  

3. The spring hinge  

The spring hinge is mainly used for cabinet doors and closet doors with a general plate thickness of 18-20mm. Based on materials, it can be divided into galvanized iron and zinc alloy. Based on performances, it can be divided into those that need to be punched and those that do not need to be punched. The bridge hinge has no need to punch holes. Since it looks like a bridge, it is commonly called the bridge hinge. The characteristic is that there is no need to drill holes in the door panel, and it has no style limitation.  

Although the hinge is only a small component, it has a very important role. Nowadays, the hinge is inseparable in our lives. It is important to choose a hinge with guaranteed quality. After understanding the knowledge of the hinge, you can choose a suitable hinge according to the actual situation.  

Hardware Furniture Plays An Increasingly Important Role in Life

Aug 02-2021

According to experts from Yitong International Home Furnishings, taking the furniture industry as an example, the quality and class of furniture are mainly reflected in the selection of hardware fittings. The inconvenience of using furniture is largely caused by improper or lack of hardware fitting. There is a saying in the industry: "As long as there are corresponding hardware fittings, complex and multifunctional furniture can be made."  

1. Hardware fitting for furniture plays an increasingly important role in life  

The hardware fitting accounts for 5% of the value of furniture, but the operating comfort accounts for 85%. It shows the importance of hardware fitting in the furniture. Hardware furniture can be divided into the ordinary type and the special type. The former includes hinges and slide rails while the latter includes bathroom hardware and kitchen hangs. Among them, hinges, slides, and locks are the most frequently used in life, so they are more important. In recent years, due to the continuous increase of consumer demand, there are greater demands and higher requirements for hardware fitting.  

The role of hardware furniture is no longer only the connection of decoration and movable parts, it has stronger function and more applicable fields. It plays a positive role in improving production efficiency, reducing costs, improving product quality, enhancing the competitiveness of domestic and foreign markets, and creating benefits for furniture manufacturers. With the development and progress of industrial technology, furniture production has evolved from the previous hand-crafted workshop to the current mechanized mass production. The hardware fitting has higher requirements for universality, interchangeability, functionality, and decoration. Also, the diversification of the base material, the reform of the structure, and the use function are increasing.  

2. The influence of hardware fitting on furniture aesthetics

Furniture fitting emphasizes properties such as mechanical properties, rust resistance, moisture resistance, and fatigue performance of moving parts. With the increasing individualization and integrity of home decoration, in addition to satisfying functions mentioned, hardware furniture also has to be eye-catching and integrated with the overall home decoration style. Taking the most common handles as an example, besides stainless steel handles, there are also black, bronze, polished chrome, pearl nickel with transparent paint on the market. Hardware wholesale manufacturers offer different styles of fittings such as European style, Chinese style, conventional style, special-shaped style, which can meet the diversified needs of consumers.  

Nowadays, household life is becoming increasingly important to individuals, and the requirements for household comfort are getting higher and higher. The lazy lifestyle that people currently pursue requires more humanized and intelligent hardware fitting.

Furniture Hardware Accessories-application Characteristics of Hinges

Jul 26-2021

If the board supports the appearance of the furniture, then the hardware accessories are the soul of the furniture. The number of years that cabinets and wardrobes can serve people under normal use conditions depends entirely on the quality of the hardware. The quality of hardware determines the durability of furniture during activities, and the shape of hardware accessories decorates the aesthetics of the furniture. The hinge is called the heart of the cabinet, and the function of the hinge on the furniture is self-evident. The following briefly introduces the application characteristics of hinges.

Application characteristics of hinges: mute

Sleep is the most important part of human activities. High-quality sleep determines work efficiency and working status. No one wants to. During sleep, being awakened by the squeak of family members opening the cabinet, especially for babies, they are easy to be frightened. . The furniture-specific hinges come with dual mute functions to avoid all noise and give you a demure and quality life experience.

The application characteristics of hinges are not rusty

The weather is humid and during the rainy season, not only is the clothes in the closet moldy, but also the hinges are rusty. Rusty hinges will not only shorten the service life of the hinges, but also affect the beauty and function of the furniture. Once rusted, the hinges will be damaged. It must be replaced immediately, otherwise it may affect the use. The furniture-specific hinge is made of stainless steel, which keeps away from the rust dilemma and prolongs the use time and quality of the hinge.

The application characteristics of hinges are good load-bearing

As an accessory for supporting furniture, hinges must have good load-bearing properties, must be firm, durable, have a strong cushioning effect, and withstand countless openings and closings, so as to ensure their service life. If the hinge has a poor load-bearing capacity, it will not only shorten the service life of the furniture, but sometimes cause harm to the human body, and the risk factor is high.

Furniture Hardware Accessories Maintenance Skills

Jul 26-2021

Traditional furniture is connected by a wooden structure and does not require hardware accessories. However, with the development of furniture modernization and the increase of people's demand for exquisite life, hardware accessories have gradually become a very critical factor in measuring the overall quality of furniture. Whether you ask the woodworker to make furniture on-site, or customize or purchase finished furniture, the hardware of the furniture is a part that cannot be underestimated. Therefore, the next step is to introduce the maintenance skills of furniture hardware accessories.

Cleaning of furniture hardware accessories maintenance skills

1. To clean furniture hardware accessories, wipe with a damp cloth or damp a damp cloth with neutral detergent or detergent, and finally wipe dry water stains. Do not wipe the furniture directly with water, which is easy to damage the furniture accessories.

2. When the surface is severely stained or scratched, or burned by fireworks, lightly rub the surface with fine sandpaper, and then wipe it with a scouring pad.

Lubricant for furniture hardware accessories maintenance skills

1. For movable furniture hardware fittings such as drawer guide rails, lubricating oil should be applied regularly and appropriately, which can reduce the friction sound of the hardware and prolong the service life.

2. Clean the hardware accessories regularly, and apply some lubricating oil to the sliding or moving parts after cleaning.

Protection of furniture hardware accessories maintenance skills

1. Avoid wiping the furniture with water. You must use special furniture cleaner or maintenance agent (such as Bi Lizhu, etc.) on a regular basis. It is best to spray the special furniture cleaner or maintenance agent on a clean cotton cloth and gently wipe off the dust. Do not scrape the surface of furniture hardware fittings with sharp or hard objects, and avoid contact with substances such as hydrochloric acid, salt, and bittern.

2. Regularly check the firmness of the hinges, slide rails, eccentric parts and other hardware, and fix them immediately if they are loose.

Application of Furniture Hardware in Decoration

Jul 26-2021

There are many types of hardware, which play a very important role in decoration and decoration. It is a must-have item for every household. Some people say that hardware is like the bones of the human body. You can’t see them, but they play a very important role. Therefore, , Household hardware must choose high-quality products. The longer the time, the more the value of good hardware will become apparent. So do you know what are the applications of furniture hardware in decoration?

Furniture hardware handle

Handle is a very important part of furniture hardware, which is mainly used in bathroom cabinets, cabinets, wardrobes and other furniture. In addition to the push-pull function, the small handle has evolved into an indispensable embellishment in the home decoration part. The decorative element handle plays an important role in the beauty of the furniture, and plays a finishing touch on the appearance of the panel furniture.

Furniture hardware hinge

Hinges are also a very important part of furniture hardware. Hinges are called the heart of the cabinet, which is self-evident for furniture. Its main functions are: silence, no rust, good load-bearing ability, etc.

Slide rail for furniture hardware

If the hinge is the heart of the cabinet, then the slide is the kidney. Whether those large and small drawers can be pushed and pulled freely and smoothly, and the load-bearing capacity depends on the support of the slide rails. The sliding rails of furniture hardware are smooth and silent, and the hardware is high-precision, which can ensure smooth sliding, large bearing capacity, convenient disassembly and assembly, and has a larger stretching space than ordinary sliding rails, which can be more convenient to organize the interior.

Furniture hardware nails

If other furniture hardware can play the role of embellishing the furniture and make the furniture more beautiful, then the nail-like hardware plays a central role. It is these inconspicuous hardware that fix the exquisite furniture one by one. Good nails are not only hard, but also have strong load-bearing capacity and are not easy to rust. A good hardware nail product often affects the service life of a piece of furniture.

How to Choose Furniture Hardware Accessories?

Jul 26-2021

Furniture hardware accessories generally refer to the hardware components used in the production and use of furniture, and refer to machine parts or components made of hardware, as well as some small hardware products. It can be used alone or as an auxiliary tool, which can not only make the parts fixed, but also play a decorative role. However, many consumers lack sufficient knowledge and understanding of hardware accessories, and they tend to ignore hardware accessories when customizing the whole house. Aiming at the blind spots of consumers, the hardware accessories commonly used in the customization of the whole house will be introduced in detail next.

Hinge of furniture hardware fittings

Hinge, also known as hinge, is a mechanical device used to connect two solid bodies and allow relative rotation between them. The hinge may be composed of a movable component, or may be composed of a foldable material. Hinges are mainly installed on doors and windows, and hinges are more installed on cabinets. Hinges are mainly divided into stainless steel hinges and cold-rolled steel hinges according to their materials.

When choosing furniture hardware accessories, cold-rolled steel should be selected for a dry environment, and it is better to use stainless steel in the bathroom and kitchen. In addition, be sure to buy damping, which can play a buffering role, reduce the impact force, and achieve a silent effect.

Slide rails for furniture hardware fittings

Slide rails, also known as guide rails, slide rails, refer to the hardware connection parts fixed on the cabinet of the furniture for the movement of drawers or cabinet boards of the furniture. It is suitable for wooden and steel cabinets, furniture, document cabinets, bathroom cabinets, etc. Drawers and other furniture drawers are connected. At present, the common drawer slide rails mainly include two-section slide rails and three-section slide rails. The three-section slide rails can draw out all the drawers, while the two-section slide rails can only draw out 75%. From a practical point of view, it is better to choose a three-section slide. The most recommended of furniture hardware accessories is the bottom support type hidden damping slide, which is durable, frictionless and quiet.

Furniture hardware accessories handle

Handle refers to tools (such as round handle cords, cords, handles) for pulling or manipulating (opening, closing, hanging). When the handle is installed on the furniture, it can not only save manpower and facilitate home life, but also play a good decorative role when matched properly. The handles used indoors are generally made of zinc alloy or stainless steel, which is durable and will not rust. It is more common to use hand-in-hand for door handles because the handle is more convenient to open the door. For example, you can open the door with your elbow if you hold something in your hand. The style and material of the cabinet door are mainly determined according to the decoration style.

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