Common Specifications and Types of Hinge

Jan 19-2022

Hinges are also called hinges (market hinges and hinges each refer to different types of goods). It is composed of a pair of metal or non-metal blades connected by a shaft pin. Often two-fold. It is a...

The Craft and Application of Modern Furniture Hardware

Jan 05-2022

After recent years of improvement and development, the quality of furniture hardware has been continuously improved. Except for a few functional accessories with high technical content, other products...

What Are the Hardware Materials?

Dec 20-2021

Now that people's living standards have improved, people's requirements for the quality of life have become increasingly strict. Buying a house is the primary task of modern people's lives...

The Influence of Hardware Fittings on Furniture Taste

Dec 06-2021

Ⅰ. Introduction of hardware fittingHardware fitting refer to machine parts or components made of hardware and some small hardware products. General hardware accessories include pulleys, casters, join...

Various Kinds of Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Nov 24-2021

When choosing cabinets, families may pay more attention to the materials, environmental protection and style of cabinets, and often ignore the importance of handles. In fact, although the handles are ...

Preparation and Precautions Before Installing the Hinge

Nov 17-2021

Hinge is a small part hidden between door, leaf and frame in the installation of door and leaf, but it is the most important connector to realize the opening and closing of door and leaf. Doors and le...

Maintenance Skills of Furniture Hardware

Nov 10-2021

With the rainfall in spring, the weather became colder and wetter. In spring, after suddenly getting warmer, the weather has turned cold again, the spring rain not only moistens everything, but also b...

What Are the Types of Design Structure of the Combination Lock?

Nov 03-2021

1. Multi-dial combination lockThe simplest combination lock, commonly found in bicycle locks with low security settings, uses multiple dial rings. There is a recess in the middle of each circle. There...

What are the Categories of Drawer Slides?

Oct 25-2021

If the hinge is the heart of the cabinet, the slide is the kidney of the drawer. Whether those large and small drawers can be pushed and pulled freely and smoothly and how about the bearing capacity d...

Installation Method of Drawer Slide Rails

Oct 18-2021

Drawer is a device that must be equipped on each cabinet, which provides convenience for storage. For ease of using, drawers are generally equipped with slide. How to install the drawer slide? Next, R...

Basic Size Selection of Cabinet Hinges

Oct 11-2021

Nowadays, every home has a cabinet. The cabinet can not only put things, but also make the home look beautiful. It can also preserve food and prevent food from getting dirty. But there are always prob...

The Material and Style of Cabinet Hinge

Oct 04-2021

Many people don't understand the material of easy hinges for cabinets, so there will be many problems when purchasing, especially according to the hinges used in different environments, the materi...

Purchasing Tips of Drawer Locks

Sep 23-2021

Ordinary drawer lock is a device used to lock drawers. It is a kind of lock. It is placed on an openable and closable object to close a certain space or a certain appliance. It is a fastener that must...

Styles and Types of Stainless Steel Cabinet Handles

Sep 16-2021

When customizing stainless steel cabinets, although the handle is inconspicuous, if you choose a good product, it can add a lot of shining points in the future use, which can play a finishing touch. N...

What is the Principle of Damping Hinge? How to Install the Damping Hinge?

Sep 09-2021

The soft close hydraulic hinge has a good cushioning effect and is a noise-absorbing cushioning hinge. It can reduce the impact force when the door is closed. Even if the door is closed with force, it...

Installation Methods and Precautions of Glass Hinges

Sep 02-2021

Today we are going to talk about the installation method of glass hinges. Although the types and specifications of glass hinges are different. However, the hinge installation method is almost the same...

What Is Furniture Hardware? What Are The Functions of Furniture Hardware Fitting?

Aug 23-2021

1. The definition of furniture hardwareFurniture hardware refers to the hardware components of hardware furniture or functional metal parts such as the sliding rails, hinges, sofa legs, lifters, backr...

Introduction of Cabinet Hinge Adjustment

Aug 16-2021

Everyone must have seen the cabinet hinge. It is a very common component, but it can play a critical role. In order to better install the cabinet hinge, we should learn some installation methods and a...

Classification and Function of the Hinge

Aug 09-2021

The hinge is a mechanical device used to connect two solids and allow rotation between them. The hinge may consist of movable components or foldable materials. The hinge is mainly installed on doors a...

Hardware Furniture Plays An Increasingly Important Role in Life

Aug 02-2021

According to experts from Yitong International Home Furnishings, taking the furniture industry as an example, the quality and class of furniture are mainly reflected in the selection of hardware fitti...

Furniture Hardware Accessories-application Characteristics of Hinges

Jul 26-2021

If the board supports the appearance of the furniture, then the hardware accessories are the soul of the furniture. The number of years that cabinets and wardrobes can serve people under normal use co...

Furniture Hardware Accessories Maintenance Skills

Jul 26-2021

Traditional furniture is connected by a wooden structure and does not require hardware accessories. However, with the development of furniture modernization and the increase of people's demand for...

Application of Furniture Hardware in Decoration

Jul 26-2021

There are many types of hardware, which play a very important role in decoration and decoration. It is a must-have item for every household.

How to Choose Furniture Hardware Accessories?

Jul 26-2021

Furniture hardware accessories generally refer to the hardware components used in the production and use of furniture.
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